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What channels can I watch on JadooTV?

What channels can I watch on Jadoo TV?

JadooTV Channels - What can I watch

You can watch plenty of channels of on JadooTV. Regardless of where you live, as long as you have internet you can enjoy Jadoo TV. JadooTV Box offers channels for users of all countries - in particular, people from South Asia, Middle East and Afghanistan-Iran as well.

What Pakistani Channels can I watch on JadooTV?
There are plenty of Pakistan's channels available on JadooTV. The list of Pakistani channels JadooTV Box include Drama channels, Islamic channels, Music channels, News channels and more. Here is a list of some major Pakistani channels on Jadoo TV.

  • Hum TV
  • Dunya TV
  • Samaa TV
  • Geo TV  (Available in "My Jadoo" for free)
  • ARY Digital (Available in "My Jadoo" for free)
  • Geo Super (Available in "My Jadoo" for free)
  • Aaj TV
  • Waqt News
  • ATV
  • Indus Vision
  • Masala TV
  • Zaiqa TV
  • MTA
  • Khaibar
There are so many more. These are only some of the channels

What Indian Channels can I watch on JadooTV?
Most Indian channels can be added through My Jadoo. Meaning you have to add those channels yourself - don't worry it doesn't cost anything. Click Here to find out How to Add Channels to My Jadoo? Here is a list of India's channels on JadooTV.
  • NDTV Imagine
  • NDTV 24x7 (News)
  • Star Gold
  • Colors
  • Star One
  • Star Plus
  • Sony Entertainment
  • Neo Sports
There are plenty of other channels available also. For example some Punjabi channels, Malayalam Channels, Telugu channels and Bengali channels are also available on JadooTV.

Other Languages channels on JadooTV Box:
Arabic channels, Persian channels, Pashto channels can also be watched on JadooTV Box. Whatever region you belong to, you can find something to watch on Jadoo TV.

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  1. I subscribed geo and when I tried to launch on jadoo tv, there is a message, "Unable to play the file due to Detection error" What does it mean? I can I include all Pakistani channels?

  2. how can i install the google search in jadoo 3 . just show me soon.

  3. @live .. have you solved this issue, i recently bough jadoo tv 3 and having a same issue with few channels.. any help please?

  4. I am also having the same for most of the channels that I have subscribed. Any one solved the problem?

  5. Jadoo is utter crap! most channels dont work! I need my money back

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