Sunday, 16 December 2012

Hum TV (JadooTV)

Watch Hum TV on Jadoo TV

Jadoo TV Provides Pakistani Channel Hum TV

Hum TV is one of the most popular Pakistani channels worldwide. It provides entertaining dramas that play weekly, and others that repeat multiple times a week. Overall, the channel plays dramas that have become part of all households and people enjoy watching these serials.

The most important question that many people have before buying JadooTV is: can you watch Hum TV on Jadoo TV boxes? 
Yes, JadooTV does provide Hum TV for you to watch. Latest Jadoo TV box always provides it. However, if you have an old box of Jadoo (i.e. JadooTV 1) then you won't be able to watch Hum TV on it, as JadooTV team has cut the support for this device. Latest JadooTV box is your safest bet.

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