Friday, 14 December 2012

Jadoo 3 vs Jadoo 2 - Should I buy Jadoo3?

Jadoo3 vs Jadoo 2

Should I Buy Jadoo3?

An important question when buying JadooTV is "Should I buy Jadoo3?" Therefore, this review will quickly sum up some of the benefits of JadooTV 3. Also, a quick comparison between the 3rd and the 2nd will be given.

Jadoo3 is a much faster device than the first two JadooTV Boxes. It allows users to change channels much quicker. Now you can select the country that you want (for example: Pakistan) and start watching Pakistani channels. But if you decide to watch an Indian channel, you don't have to go back in the menu, rather just move to the option that says "Indian" and all Indian channels will show up before you.

Overall, Jadoo3 has a nicer User Interface. Easier to use, and it's much faster than its preceding boxes.

Should I buy Jadoo 2?
Answer to this question is simple - If you have a Jadoo 2, then keep it - the new box is not worth buying just yet. Keep your box and once JadooTV loses its support for this box, then upgrade to latest box then.

Should I buy Jadoo 3?
It is worth buying Jadoo 3 if you can watch your channels at all. For example, JadooTV, the first box, Jadoo has dropped the support for that and you can't watch anything any more. In such case, or if you don't have any JadooTV box, then Jadoo 3 is worth it.

Hope the review helped you in your query. If you have a question, you can leave comments at the bottom.


  1. Jadoo tv is worst as download speed is too slow that it cannot play continus and held up for down load so friquent that you feel that you are spoiling time and mood

  2. I have been using jadoo for past 3 years. I love it. Download speeds are proportional to your internet speeds. I would recommend it anytime

  3. When buying Jadoo 3 what we should look for to ensuree i.e. modole # etc that it is the right product to buy.

    Thanks a lot,
    Ibrahim Malik

  4. I am using JADOO 2 for last two years.. So far its okay but where there is a cricket match or something special event jadoo tv wont work at all due to huge load.. I have download speed of 52Mbps..So no issue of speed.. From last week all channels are choppy and its taking downloading every minute or two.. Sucksssssssssssss

  5. I had jadoo 2 for almost 2 years it's good for one year when they release the new model the old model is garbage stop working freezing YouTube is gone and more more I think it just burning money I know many friends of mine that bought jadoo 1 now all in trash they lost almost 3 hundred dollars.

  6. Hello Folks,

    I had Jadoo2 for past 3 years. Most part of its life, it was doing good other then it get freeze or searching for network and mostly buffering on Hum TV and other channels.

    Two weeks back, I bought Jadoo3 and as of now while writing these comments. In my honest opinion..its complete garbage..waste of money and..hopeless!!

    In this short period of time, the Jadoo3 box cannot search my wireless network. Although, when it was initially setup, I saved my home network but for some reason it looses it. Every time when that happen, I've to unplug the power adapter and then have to re-enter the the SSID and security key. Unlike with Jadoo2, this new Jadoo3 does not have power ON/OFF or reset button at the back.

    The remote itself is like a dollar store toy remote. absolutely garbage quality. If I want to give any command on remote I have to be straight line with the box or otherwise it won't read it signal. Whereas the Jadoo2 remote, its keys were very very soft and it has the capability to read any command whether you're in-direct view. It always catches the signal. The Jadoo3 remote buttons make lousy clicking noise and does not work smoothly.

    This does not happen to me, my next door neighbor who also bought Jadoo3 box with me, he is also facing the same problems.

    So bottom line...Jadoo3 box is completely GARBAGE.

  7. Hi,

    I have been using the jadoo3 for the last 2 months now. And it is working great for me. I have watched cricket matches on it as well as watched channels like Hum, Aaj, Dunya and it seems to work very well. It has buffered only a few times. So I am satisfied with it.

  8. Shittiest thing u ever think to buy. It will be better if u just donate the money in charity instead of buying this crap!!!

  9. Jadoo overall is a piece of JUNK box. Originally it was great since last couple of years number of contents have reduced drastically. I would NOT recommend to buy this box.