Sunday, 29 July 2012

How does Jadoo TV work?

How Does Jadoo TV Work?

Jadoo TV is a small device that provides large entertainment for a low and affordable price. The question that many buyers ask is how does Jadoo TV work? The answer is simple.

The team of Jadoo TV has provided all the channels in their box. All you need to do is, connect your Jadoo TV to internet (through Ethernet, or WiFi). Then connect it to your TV.

Once you have it connected you can start watching all the channels on Jadoo TV. (Go To Jadoo TV Live once it turns on, and pick your country and start watching your channels.) The list in Jadoo TV Live includes many popular channels from different countries such as BBC, Hum TV, MTA, ATV, Colors, Aljazeera (English & Arabic), CNN and many more.

You can get more channels on your Jadoo TV, that will show up "My Jadoo". For that you need to register on their website. (To read how My Jadoo works - Click Here)

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