Sunday, 29 July 2012

How to watch YouTube Videos on JadooTV?

How to watch YouTube Videos on JadooTV?

YouTube Videos & Channels on JadooTV Box

One of the very useful features of Jadoo TV is that you can watch unlimited YouTube videos, right from your JadooTV Box. This makes life easier, because you don't need to connect your laptop to your TV anymore, rather watch YouTube videos on your TV directly from JadooTV.

Watch YouTube Videos on Jadoo TV:
From your Home Screen in JadooTV box, go to Internet Videos. First option in this new screen will be YouTube. Simply select the first option, and begin typing your search in the new screen. 

How to type in JadooTV?
Typing can be annoying sometimes in JadooTV. With a small remote, it's not easy to go back-and-forth to choose the required letters. But a good shortcut to remember is that you can bookmark your searches. For example, if there is a show that you watch regularly, you can search its episode once, and Bookmark it (by pressing Menu Button). Next time when you go for another episode of the same show, open up your bookmarks from "My Collection" and select the desired search, and make the necessary changes to find the latest episode of your desired show.

However, JadooTV has made an accessory that you can buy from their website - QWERTY Keyboard Remote. With the help of this JadooTV remote you can search much easier.

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