Sunday, 29 July 2012

What is Jadoo TV?

What is Jadoo TV?

Jadoo TV is a set-top box that provides entertainment to many users around the globe. You can watch Pakistani, Indian, Arabic, Persian, and Pashto languages. It provides entertainment to many users.

Jadoo TV broadcasts live channels that air entertainment, news, sports. Jadoo TV is a useful box to keep at home as it can provide entertainment for all ages.

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  1. Hi, Can anyone add more Cricket Channels? Is Jadoo TV adding any cricket channels at all? That was the main reason I bought it but I find only Geo Super is Showing some Cricket and it has really bad quality vidoe.

    1. If you go to sports channels in "My Jadoo" you will find that there are 3-4 channels. Most of them do work. If there are more matches being played, usually SPORTS channels are showing them.

  2. Hi The youtube feature on our Jadoo2 is not working. We've tried both hard and soft reboots without any success. The internet connection and bandwidth are fine otherwise. Any suggestions?

  3. i have jadoo 2. i have no indian channels. can you please guide me how can i watch indian channels on jadoo 2?