Saturday, 30 May 2015

Jadoo TV on Android

Jadoo TV on Android Phones & Tablets

Watching Pakistani & Indian Channels on your Phones

Many users are wondering is it worth buying JadooTV Subscription for Android - for example mobile phones and tablets.

The quality of JadooTV on Android devices is generally good. Channels work as good as they work on the Jadoo TV box. Without a doubt, it is fun being able to watch live cricket, right on your phone.

It is a very useful service. Many users are always traveling and they are not home and they can't afford to miss their favorite TV shows, or live cricket matches. This service is ideal for them.

Those users that stay at home mostly and watch most programs on TV, this subscription isn't that useful. Most TV shows that JadooTV has to offer, are made available on YouTube within a few hours of the telecast - in particular Pakistani TV shows. If you need to watch something on your mobile - then it is probably better to just watch it through YouTube.

Therefore, this service seems attractive. But it isn't as useful as it sounds. If you are still interested and curious, try it out for some time!

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