Saturday, 13 July 2013

Zeenat TV vs Jadoo TV

Zeenat TV vs Jadoo TV

Zeenat TV is an Android based tv-box that recently came out in the market. Here I will briefly mention which one you should purchase.

These TV boxes for Desi channels (Pakistani & Indian) are quite expensive. Prices for Zeenat TV and Jadoo TV range from $200-$300 in North America. They are similar in other parts of the world too. Therefore, it's not an easy decision to make. You wish to spend the money in the right place.

It must be remembered that quality and service of any of these Desi channel IPTV boxes is not comparable to cable or satellite. However, they provide good cheap alternative to cable and satellite. Therefore, if you have bought Jadoo TV or Zeenat TV, please don't compare it to Premium services.

Zeenat TV is Android based. Therefore, it provides you with Desi Channels but you can install android apps on this device. You can install other apps just the way you install them on your phone.You can check your email on this quite easily, play android games, listen to music etc.

However, because it provides so many apps, it is possible that it might slow down when over-used (just like our phones). Any thing designed to multitask, slows down if not provided enough RAM. (Zeenat TV claims to have 1GB RAM). Zeenat provides a nice QWERTY keyboard too.

Zeenat TV is new market therefore it is bound to have glitches and faults. Any new device that comes out in market has errors and bugs. When people use it for some time, and complain regarding the bugs, good companies usually fix those errors. So if you haven't bought Zeenat TV yet, I would recommend that you wait a while until Zeenat TV comes out with their next edition. Until then, stick to Jadoo TV.

Jadoo TV is older and is now on their 3rd edition. Jadoo is not perfect either, but because of experience and time we can say it is a trustworthy device.

In my opinion, Zeenat TV could prove to be better - but at this time Jadoo TV is safer to buy. After a year, if Zeenat TV is still doing well, one could consider to switch.

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